The Master Melody® offers your a large number of functions.

Intelligent monitoring

You can observe the behaviour of your machine directly on the Master Melody® display or on the online dashboard.

  1. Display Sensor box

    You can observe the machine states of your machine directy on the display of your Master Melody® sensorbox.

  2. Online Dashboard

    Thanks to our online dashboard, you can remotely and centrally observe the behaviour of your machines equiped with Master Melodys®. This way you can monitor easily your machine park.

AI Dashboard


Abrupt state changes

You machine suddenly drifts from its normal behaviour? A tool breaks?
The Master Melody® detects it and suddenly sends you an warning.


Gradual state changes

Wear of parts starts to be perceptible? The Master Melody® recognizes the wear of spare parts and informs you about the level of deterioration.

This way you reliably recognize upcoming machine defects. You can now plan the maintenance of your machine and avoid production downtimes.

Alarm System

You can choose how you want to be informed about state changes of your machine.


As soon as a state change has been detected by the Master Melody®, you get a SMS notification. New


As soon as a state change has been detected by the Master Melody®, a notification will pop-up on its display.

Online Dashboard

On the online dashboard, you will be able to see any state change.