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Master Melody® Technology.

Ready-to-use Predictive Maintenance.

Advantages of the adoption of Predictive Maintenance technologies:

Prediction of machine failures ✔

Prevention of production downtimes ✔

Optimal allocation of your maintenance staff ✔

Efficient spare parts management ✔

The aim of predictive maintenance is to plan maintenance as precisely as possible and thus ensure maximum availability of machines and plants. By predicting future machines' condition, unexpected machine and plant failures can be avoided. In addition, resources for maintenance work such as maintenance staff or spare parts, can be better managed by knowing when a machine need to be maintained. Furthermore, plant availability can significantly be increased because unplanned machine shutdowns are replaced by planned ones. Further advantages of predictive maintenance are a potentially longer plant life, increased plant safety and efficient spare parts handling.

Use cases of the technology

Are your machines already IoT-ready?

We offer you the perfect solution depending on the degree of digitalisation of your machines or plants.

  • Yes, my machines are IoT ready
    Server-based solution

    Server-based solution

    If you already collect the sensor data of your machines or plants centrally on a server, the server-based technology is the right solution for you. You do not need to collect or label data in order to deploy our technology.

    Save yourself long and unnecessarily expensive data science projects and benefit from a ready-to-use solution.

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  • No, my machines are not yet IoT ready
    Sensor box Predictive Maintenance

    Sensor box solution

    You have no access to the sensor data of your machines? Then the Master Melody® Sensor Box is for you.

    The sensor box is completely autonomous, suitable for all machines and systems.

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Advantages of using the Master Melody® Technology

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